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The new official logo

Below are La French Tech Taiwan (FTT)'s logos that FTT members (organisations or individuals), partners and media may use on their promotional materials (website, brochure, online article, posters, flyers, PPT...). In no case this logo can be use for a commercial purpose. These logos are not to be modified either. For high resolution files, please contact us.

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The local Taiwan theme (our former butterfly logo)

The inspiration to symbolize Taiwan came from its ecological fame, “the kingdom of butterfly,” and echoed with the origami-style image of La French Tech. A strong mechanical strength in ossification veins of butterfly wings represents the huge niche in the global ICT industry; meanwhile, the geometry of a light structure depicts a variety of stylized potential of R&D resources in Taiwan. A new generation in startup ecosystem and the trend of crossover integration worldwide has established by La French Tech. Consequently, the new technical efficiency between France and Taiwan will flourish in larger network in the future.



Adela Cheng | 鄭凱方

Designer and Founder of Studio Constructivity

Designer of the first logo of La French Tech Taiwan! (now our current theme)