YEi Taiwan 2018 Laureates

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Photo credits: Aurélie Kernaleguen / French Office in Taipei (thanks!)

Congratulations to the 6 Taiwanese start-ups selected for the acceleration program in France!
The 6 founders of the winning deeptech start-ups (photo above) will go to France next November! During their stay, they will meet investors, digital and tech companies, research centers and public actors supporting innovative projects to speed up their development in Europe and internationally. YEi is open to start-ups from the United States, South Africa, South Korea, Finland and since last year from Taiwan. Three of the winners will be funded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and three others by the Taiwanese Ministry of Science and Technology. The Jury, chaired by Mr. Raouti Chehih (Euratechnologies / Sigfox) had a hard time choosing the winners!
The happy winners of YEi Taiwan 2018:

Bened Biomedical ; eBus (Faceheart) ; FlexWave ; Realiteer; Thinktank ; Ubiik.