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Quantum Computing: hype or disruption?

After years of R&D, properties such as quantum superposition and entanglement are starting to be harnessed and exploited in a new generation of Quantum Technologies, impacting many sectors by exceeding “classical” devices. Oth

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La French Tech Taiwan Startup Lounge

Dear friends,we are hosting our second Startup Lounge at our office, to offer you the opportunity to meet 3 promising Taiwanese startups who are just back from a biz trip in Paris (thx to Schoolab/IAPS).The idea is to create a pro

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13th French Tech Night is coming!

Chers Amis, Dear Friends from La French Tech Taiwan Community, Our 13th French Tech Night is coming!La French Tech Taiwan, in association with French Office in Taipei, IDB SMECF, La French Tech @InnoVEX (brought by Business F

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